The Joy of Not Working

by Ernie Zelinski

The Creativity Guy Too Prosperous to Do Mornings

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Top 25 Reasons to Retire Early


It's a Great Time to Take Early Retirement

Truth be told, there is a myriad of advantages to be enjoyed by individuals who retire early that most working stiffs can't enjoy. It's simply a matter of capitalizing on these advantages when you follow your retirement plan. To prevent you from getting overwhelmed with too many of these advantages all at one time, I have listed only 25 of the 60 or so that I spread throughout:


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These retirement advantages should serve as reminders why retirement can be the best time of your life.

Indeed taking early retirement is more than reading Cool E-books by Ernie Zelinski and inspirational retirement quotes when you retire.

Top 25 Reasons to Retire Early

1. You can get up when you want to.


2. You have no daily rush hour traffic to contend.
When you follow Your Retirement Plan

3. You don’t have to deal with the jerks at the office anymore.

4. Where you live doesn’t have to be dictated by your employment.

5. You have lots of time to do the household projects you have been putting off forever.

6. You can spend winter in Florida, Arizona, or Hawaii.

When you  follow Your Retirement Plan

7. You don’t have to wait for a bus on a subzero January morning.

8. You get to set your own agenda.

9. You have fewer headaches because life is simpler.

10. You can have a lot more variety in your life.

11. You don’t have to report to a boss about your actions.

12. You can go on a vacation when you want to go and not when your employer says you can.

13. You have more time for more friends in your life.

14. You can put The Get-a-Life Tree (as featured in How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free) to good use by finding creative leisure pursuits that most suit you so that you enjoy them much more than any work activities that you have done throughout your career.


15. There are no co-workers to get envious of your accomplishments.


16. It’s easier to be spontaneous.

17. You don’t have to work through lunch hour.


18. You don’t have to take tedious business trips involving being away from home, overbooked flights, and being alone.


19. Life is less predictable from nine to five.


20. You can take a nap when the urge hits and truly experience The Joy of Not Working.

21. You have plenty of time to eat out with friends.

22. You have the time to do all the things you always wanted to do but never had time for.

23. By doing things when everyone else is at work, you can be much more efficient and less hurried at the same time.

24. You can take a care-free vacation without having to take some work with you.

25. More than any other time in your life, you have the opportunity to put all areas of your life in proper balance.


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Retirement Is the Beginning of Life, Not the End

“Only seventeen more years of misery at my job,” you may be thinking, “and I get to experience Pension Heaven.” Not if you read Ernie Zelinski's How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free. It has Retirement Wisdom That You Won't Get from Your Financial Advisor, which will inspire you to retire early just like he did even though his net worth was minus $30,000 at the time.

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Unfortunately, retirement often gets a bad rap from many media people and other individuals who themselves have not been able to successfully cope with retirement. Fortunately, people who can't cope with retirement are in the minority. "Retirement works out quite well for people," states Joel Savishinsky, a professor at Ithaca College. Savishinsky, author of Breaking the Watch, adds, "It is not the kind of trauma it has often been pictured in the past."

To be sure, most retired Americans who have implemented their retirement plans are enjoying themselves according to a survey by financial services firm AIG SunAmerica. Similarly, based on a recent survey conducted by Trimark Investment Management, most retired Canadians have no regrets about being retired. The Canadian retirees taking part in the survey claimed that a drop in stress and an increase in intellectual stimulation since they left the workplace are two big advantages of being retired.

A drop in stress and an increase in intellectual stimulation aren't the only advantages that people around the world get to experience when they retire. "Retirement has been very enjoyable for me," declares Pat O'Brien, 65, of East Haddam, Connecticut. "When it snows, I don't have to worry about getting on I-95 to go to work."

Mr. Yong Khin Chong, 56, of Singapore states that more time with his two grandchildren is the biggest perk of retirement. Indeed, after two years of retirement, he claimed that he still didn't have sufficient time to do the things that he would like to do. His retired wife, Madam Ku Lee Nor, also 56, added, ''I don't feel bored at all. It's only now that we have time to travel, read, do gardening, and exercise more regularly.''

The ability to make many choices is another benefit of leaving the work world. "You're free to rediscover who you really are," states retiree Lynn Nelson Paretta, a volunteer with a community service center in Springfield, Virginia. "You're free to go back and build on those aspects you perhaps did not have a chance to express when you were in the working world."


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Can You Retire Rich?

The authors of The Millionaire Next Door, Thomas Stanley and William Danko, recommend the following formula to determine if you are accumulating wealth at the rate you should be if you want a financially comfortable retirement. Take your pretax income and multiply it by your age; then divide by 10 to get your expected net worth. According to Stanley and Danko, if your expected net worth is greater than your actual net worth, you should have a comfortable retirement. Of course, like most formulas, this one has at least one shortcoming. If your income is $10 a year and your net worth is $1000, the formula indicates that you are heading toward a comfortable retirement. Good luck!


Another Great Retirement Gift

 The Joy of NOT Working

Illustrated by eye-opening exercises, thought-provoking diagrams, and lively cartoons and quotations, The Joy of Not Working is a provocative, entertaining, down-to-earth, and tremendously inspiring book that will help you get more joy and satisfaction out of everything you do.

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Had to Say about The Joy of Not Working:

"An excellent, best-selling, well-written and savvy book on a subject that's near and dear to our hearts, and very much in the spirit of our organization. The margins are chock full of thought-provoking quotes, Calvin & Hobbes cartoons, and amusing illustrations. We can hardly recommend it highly enough!"

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A Government Job Ain't All That Bad

If You Want to Retire Early

"The only essential government worker," says some workplace graffiti "is the snowplow driver." Perhaps this is why government workers can retire earlier than others. No one cares if they go.

Indeed, if you want to retire early, you can increase your chances by having a government job. This way you won't need a retirement job or a retirement career.

Statistics Canada found that workers in the Canadian public sector retire four years earlier than private-sector employees, and both leave the work force far sooner than self-employed individuals. Public sector employees have a median retirement age of 57.6 and for private sector employees the median is 61.7. Alas, self-employed workers continue to work until age 65.

It could be, however, that the self-employed enjoy what they are working at much more than people employed in government or the private sector. I know that I wouldn't trade what I do for 99 percent of jobs even if they paid me one or two million a year.


The World's Best

Retirement Book

by Ernie J. Zelinski

  • Published in 9 foreign languages

  • Over 400,000 copies sold


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